ResBook Setup Wizard Overview

The ResBook Setup Wizard has been designed to make setting up your properties easy with ResBook.

You can access the Setup Wizard by clicking the thunderbolt icon [⚡] at the top right corner. The Setup Wizard will open in a new tab.


You can move through the sections using the left menu.

General Information

General information covers


Policies cover

  • cancellation policy: set a penalty guests will be liable to if the booking is cancelled within a given time frame
  • payment policy: decide the period that the deposit and balance must be paid and what amount is required
  • terms & conditions: set the different legal agreements your guests must abide by when booking

Room types

Room Types allows you to specify the different types of rooms you have available. 

Room linking

Room Linking allows you to join 2 or more individual rooms together to create a new room type to sell.  

Rate Plans

Rate Plans allow you to create rate plans for selected rooms. 


Restrictions cover the minimum stays.


You can start the first step of the Setup Wizard by following the instructions to set up the Contact Details

Watch this short video to find out more information


Setup Wizard Steps

  1. ResBook Setup Wizard (1) | General Information: Contact Details
  2. ResBook Setup Wizard (2) | General Information: Property Description
  3. ResBook Setup Wizard (3) | General Information: Booking Engine
  4. ResBook Setup Wizard (4) | General Information: Accounting & Financial
  5. ResBook Setup Wizard (5) | General Information: Regional Settings
  6. ResBook Setup Wizard (6) | Policies: Cancellation Policy
  7. ResBook Setup Wizard (7) | Policies: Payment Policy
  8. ResBook Setup Wizard (8) | Policies: Terms & Conditions
  9. ResBook Setup Wizard (9) | Room Types
  10. ResBook Setup Wizard (10) | Room Linking
  11. ResBook Setup Wizard (11) | Rate Plans
  12. ResBook Setup Wizard (12) | Restrictions: Minimum Stays