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Page 3 - Guest Booking Form - Guest Information

Page 3 of the Guest Booking Form is booking guest information. This page has main components included by default, however, you can choose whether or not to add the more mandatory/optional fields.  The options on the payment section are also reliant upon which payment gateways you are subscribed to with ResBook. 


At the top of Page 3 is the "Guest Information" Heading. This is the basic details required for the booking. Guests will be required to enter their First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone and Country by default. 


Special Requirements can be filled in the area provided, and they will appear under the 'Notes and Comments section of the booking. (image 3.1)


Additional information allows you to gather more details from a client on the booking page.  These can be switched on from a predefined list, or customized and can be made mandatory or optional. (image 3.2)

NOTE: Instructions for these tasks: Booking From - Additional Fields 



The final section of page 3 is "Payment Options". Here the guest can choose from which payment gateway you have. (image 3.3)

Once they have done that, the guest must click on the checkbox to confirm they have read the Terms & Conditions, which can be viewed by clicking on the link provided, or by scrolling down to the bottom of each page of the Booking Form. 


The "Booking Total" section will again appear, and all you have to do to continue is to click on the link that says 'Continue to Payment'.

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