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What is a payment gateway?


Stripe & Windcave ( Previously DPS - Direct Payment Solution) are gateways to provide users with the online functionality to accept payments, make transactions and issue out refunds.

  • Automatically calculates and charges a booking deposit for online bookings.
  • Validates the authenticity of the credit card, ie. has sufficient funds.
  • Sends out secure payment links to collect payment.
  • Accepts Mastercard and Visa credit cards.
  • Collects billing tokens that are valid until 7 days after guest(s) checks out of the property.
  • Safe and secure gateway, meeting the Payment Card Industry compliance.

ResBook itself is not compliant to store credit card details directly, therefore no credit card details are stored by your payment gateway. ResPay uses a 3D Secure system whereby a unique token is created for the booking once the credit card details are verified. This will be expunged from the system 7 days after guests depart the property. This grace period allows you to inspect your property in case damages may need to be on-charged.