How to edit the content of a page


Content on a responsive website is laid out using rows and columns.

The CMS page editor allows you to create as many rows as required with up to 4 columns in each row. This allows you to add content in a structured and meaningful way that is easy for the visitor to read and simple for them to follow.

  1. Open your website CMS and go to General Pages and click open the page you would like to edit.
    If you want to create a new page you can refer to How to add a new page
  2. Stay in the Content tab and edit your content as required
    • add a Heading
    • add an introduction
    • add the row.s of content as required and edit the content in text editor


  • Break your content into manageable sections
  • Use Headings to separate content sections
  • Keep your columns balanced by entering the same amount of text into each one
  • You can use a left-hand column for text and a right-hand column for an image