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DPS FAQ - Where in ResBook can I view payments?


Apart from the e-mails you receive whenever a booking is made and payment is collected, this section shows you payments in three different areas:

  • Bookings
  • Report Level
  • Direct Payment Express


1. View a booking in your calendar. Payments are located in the top section:

2. A breakdown of payments can be viewed in the Booking form via 'Payments' tab:

Report level

Hover over Reports > Financial Reports > Balance Summary or Payment Summary

The Balance summary gives you a detailed report of all Bookings including Zero balance bookings when you select a date range and click [DISPLAY]:

  • [Show All] button reveals all bookings in your ResBook system.
  • [Show Zero balances] reveals bookings with 'zero balances'.
  • [Hide Zero balances] hides bookings with 'zero balances'.

The Payment summary gives you a detailed summary of all payments made when you select a date range and click [DISPLAY]:

Both the Balance and the Payment summary have an option to export the data produced onscreen by clicking on the [EXPORT] button. 

The data will be saved onto a CSV file.

Direct Payment Express

The merchant is able to produce an itemized report in Direct Payment Express to view all payments received. View our video to understand how this can be done:


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