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When Is There A Risk Of Double Booking?


Resbook is an online system with the ability to receive bookings from multiple sources. The three main sources how a booking can be added are, via your own website, a manual entry into the system or through a channel manager which in turn connects to multiple channels across the globe.

Manual bookings and direct online website bookings

The calendar displayed on your website is a direct feed from your ResBook and therefore has a near zero probability for multiple bookings to be fed through to the same inventory. Same applies for manual bookings made or bookings made through your quote.

If you suspect that you have received a double booking from your website or via a quote you sent out to a potential guest then always check the status of the booking in ResBook. Chances are that the booking will have come in as a 'New Request' in which case the guest will have been informed that it is not a confirmed booking.

Bookings from OTAs

A channel manager is a better option than updating inventory on different channels individually.

Note however that when using a channel manager to promote your inventory, there is always a chance of duplicate bookings or errors in placing the booking into your PMS.

As Channels and OTA’s are based all over the world “real-time” updates can in fact take anything from a few seconds to 5 minutes, based on the integration methodology and time needed for the individual systems to update.

When working with channels it is incumbent on the operator to manage which channels, and how many, you connect to. The greater the number of channels, the greater risk of double, or multiple booking occurring.

If you suspect there is the chance for a double booking, here is what you can do:

  1. Regularly check the inventory on your channel manager to ensure it is correct
  2. Check the guest details to ensure that the two bookings are not from the same guest
  3. If one of the booking is from your website, then check the status to confirm that it is not just a request that can be cancelled
  4. If you need to contact us, provide as much information, include information about both the bookings to reduce turnaround time.

Note that while ResBook takes all possible precautions in minimising the potential of duplicate, or delayed bookings, these circumstances are outside of our control, and responsibility for booking integrity remains with you, the operator.