What we need from you to get your channels connected?

If you would like us to connect your channels to our channel manager, we will need the below details from you to get started:

  • Login details: Username and Password
  • Verification code: This code will be sent to your registered mobile number to authenticate our login. 
  • Rate adjustment Percentage: If you would like to upsell your rates to the OTAs, please let us know either the amount or % you would like to add.

  • The default occupancy in your OTA should match the base occupancy you have set in ResBook to avoid any discrepancies. For example: in ResBook, if your base rates are for 2 guests then in your OTA also the occupancy should be for 2 guests followed by any extra guests allowed on top of this default occupancy.
  • The verification code is time sensitive and expires within a matter of minutes. Please ensure that you send us the code promptly to avoid any inconvenience. Our team will liaise with you before sending the code.
  • For some of the OTAs example Booking.com, extra guests' rates are set from within the extranet only (and not within the channel manager) so please make sure to review this once the mapping is done.