What are Blog Categories and Posts?

Blog is a great place to update users on the latest news related to your business. Keeping a Blog helps you promote your website and makes it more interactive for users. 

The Blog Module in NetZone is divided into 2 Sub-Modules: Categories and Posts:

Blog Posts

Blog posts are the articles that will be presented on the Blog page. 

First, when users lend on the Blog page, they will see the list of all published Blog posts as well as sidebar containing links to Recent posts, Archives and Categories.

If the user clicks on the Blog image, Blog Name or CTA button (Know More) they will be taken inside the blog post. Inside of the post they will be able to read the post information as well as see when it was posted and by whom.

Blog Categories

Blog categories allow you to filter blog posts by category.


Blog Categories can be seen on the sidebar where users can select a desired category to view related blog posts.