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What Is A Web Browser And How To Identify It?

What is a Web Browser And How To Identify It?

A Web Browser is an application that we use on computers to access the internet. There will always be a Web Browser installed on your computer when you turn it on for the first time. However, you have the ability to install other browsers from the internet if you prefer. 

ResBook requires a Web Browser in order to work. If you are using Microsoft Windows, your default browser will be Internet Explorer (Microsoft Edge if you are using Windows 10), and if you are using Mac, your default browser will be Safari.

There are several browsers available, however, and we will outline the main ones in the table below:

Name of Browser Compatible Operating Systems
Internet Explorer Microsoft Windows
Safari Apple Mac OS X
Microsoft Windows (Not available from Apple Website)
Google Chrome Apple Mac OS X
Microsoft Windows
Mozilla Firefox Apple Mac OS X
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Edge Microsoft Windows 10

There are multiple other browsers available to be used including Opera, for example, however, these are the most common browsers available. 

To easily identify your browser, refer to the logos above. If the browser you use is not listed here, then just simply go to your start menu, and find the browser in your programs list. 

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