Booking Lead Time

Setting Up Booking Lead Time

Setting Up Booking Lead Time


You have now the possibility to set a lead time at stock unit level that allows to turn off instant bookings x hours before arrival (for direct bookings only).

Lead time definition: x number of hours from current date that a stock unit cannot be instantly confirmed. 

Settings > Stock Configurations > Stock Units > Click on one stock unit > Tab "Booking Lead Time"


Once you click on the tab:

  • Date range – The lead time can apply for a whole date range to be selected
  • Mode: 'Unavailable' or ‘on request’

Unavailable – cannot be booked at all

On request – Can be booked (on request only)

  • Lead time: If 24 is entered, guest cannot book 24 hours before check-in date. Parameter in hours number
  • Status – Expired or current is set according to the date range


Calculation of Booking Lead Time - Example:

Booking lead time set as 4 hours
Booking date time: 05-06-2021 12 (noon)
Booking required start date: 05-06-2021

Properties checkin time: 3pm

Then calculation of lead time as below:

Difference in hours = Chekin time - Booking date time
So difference is 3 hour which is less than booking lead time (4 hours)

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