Getting Started With ResOnline

ResOnline | Channel Management Service Overview

ResOnline - Overview


Welcome to the world of online channel management!

ResOnline is a channel management service that handles incoming bookings from channels and subsequently feeds the booking data into ResBook.

What does it offer?

  • Real-time 2-way inventory feed between the channel and ResBook
  • Rates can be sent from ResBook to ResOnline
  • Minimum nights can be sent from ResBook to ResOnline
  • Bookings received via channel will end up in ResBook
  • Daily scheduled inventory updates in case real-time updates

How do I get started?

General Information: Getting Started with ResOnline

General Information: Sign up for ResOnline

ResOnline Setup:

Step 1: Logging into ResOnline for the first time

Step 2: Setup your property

Step 3: Create Rate Packages

Step 4: Connect ResOnline to ResBook

Step 5: Connect ResOnline to various channels
Other useful information: Generating a Booking List

Other useful information: Updates and retrieving credit card details

Other useful information: Calendar Updates

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