ResBook Contacts - How To Merge Duplicate Contacts

Contacts - Merge Duplicate Contacts

To access the 'Contacts' module use the navigation menu across the top of the ResBook site and select [Contacts]. Then select [Merge] as displayed below:

A page will then appear like below: 

A list of Original Contacts is displayed on the left and the Duplicate Contacts are displayed on the right.

Here, you can find contacts by First Name, Last Name or Email. Search for the contact you would like to merge, and a list will appear of all the duplicate contacts.

Click on the [+] icon to display all the details of the duplicate contacts.

The [newsletter] icon will allow you to see the duplicate's contact Information. The [bin] icon will allow you to delete the duplicate contact. See below:

To merge the contacts together, select the [arrows] icon. 

After selecting the [arrows] icon a pop-up window will appear where you can manage contact details. Click on the checkboxes of the contact details you would like to merge together, and then click the [MERGE] button. Finally, click the [SAVE] button and then select [CLOSE].

Please note: You will only be able to merge contacts if they share the same First Name, Last Name, and Email address.

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