ResBook Contacts - How To Add In An Address in Contacts

Contacts - Adding Address

Contact address now uses the Google Address Auto Complete functionality when adding or editing the address of a contact in the CRM.

To add an address follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Firstly you must ensure you have selected the correct country the address belongs to. 
Step 2: Begin typing the address in 'Address (Line 1)' and a drop-down list will appear with suggestions. 
Step 3: After selecting the correct address the auto-complete feature will fill in all the necessary fields.

The feature will also auto-detect typos and attach the right entry from the global database when entering a region, town, or city. If the location database does not recognize the place you are entering, you can still save it with the contact.

We've made adding contacts easy and hope you enjoy these type-ahead-search features.

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