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Overview Of Contacts In Your ResBook Account


ResBook is built with a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) interface, where all contacts are able to be saved and stored. 

How to use contacts in ResBook

            These are the top steps that will help you to add a new contact into your ResBook account. 

All added contacts can be found using the search bar or the vertical scroll bar. Access to the Contacts is via the menu along the top of your ResBook Page.

Find out how to do an Advanced Search in your Contacts page inside ResBook. 

An easy guide to Merging Duplicate Contacts under Contacts in ResBook.

The Latest Update shows the new feature added to ResBook by using the Google Address Auto Complete functionality when adding or editing the address of a contact in the CRM.

Find out how to Edit a Contact in your ResBook Account with a few Simple Steps.

Contact Types

This article describes how to add Owner contacts to ResBook. ResBook defines owners in the context of a Property Management Company (PMC) using ResBook.

  • Add Staff Contact

    This article describes how to add Staff contacts to ResBook. ResBook defines staff in the context of a property employee using ResBook.

This article describes how to add a guest contact to ResBook. ResBook defines Guests in the context of a customer staying at your accommodation.  

This article describes how to add an agent's contact to ResBook. ResBook defines Agents in the context of someone who arranges travel for end clients (individuals, groups, etc) on behalf of the property.  


ResBook offers users the ability to generate and send out Agent statements with booking information that is generated for a particular Agent.

Recognising that agents are an important core of on-selling your accommodation, we have listed out the following articles which incorporate Agents in ResBook.

The functionality of the Contacts Module

  • Stores all information on the contact including email, phone number, mobile number, address, and extra comments.
  • Includes Booking history, Email history and Quotes history of the contact.
  • Classifies the contacts into groups.
  • Filters them by classification for easy viewing.
  • Contacts are searchable by first name, last name, email and in alphabetical order related to the last name.
  • Enables certain contacts to be supplied with login details.
  • Certain contacts can have different permissions assigned to their login.
  • Ability to assign contacts directly to your Mailchimp account (if you have this module enabled).