Occupancy Report

Occupancy Report with Target Projections

Monthly occupancy summary

There is now the ability to add your target occupancy numbers per month, for a 12-month period.

Click on Reports in the menu and choose Occupancy Monthly Summary as per the image below.

This report will show the monthly occupancy and the available rooms. Additionally, there is now the ability to key in targets for a 12-month period so that you may compare actual stays verse your projected targets.

To set the monthly occupancy target nights for each month click on the gear icon (settings) as per the image below. 

Choose the monthly occupancy target option in the menu as per the image below.

The target data is for a 12 month range only. Enter the targeted room nights against each month, then click save. For example if you would like to achieve 100 nights occupancy for a given month, enter in this figure and click save.

You can download the monthly occupancy target report in pdf form by clicking on the “Print” button, the file will be saved locally to your pc.

Note: Please make sure to click on display first and then click on print to download the updated data in pdf format.

The PDF of the report saves locally, as per the image below.

The image below is an example of the report was generated and opened.

If you wish to have your logo presented in your reports, you can load this in the settings menu. Click on Photo Gallery

Then select Logo

Simply upload your image as per the instructions provided, this can now be used automatically in some reports.