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Why has a payment not been processed correctly

There are several reasons why a payment against a booking may not have been processed correctly

The guest's credit card was declined

The most common reason for having a credit card declined is,that simply there is not enough available credit to make the purchase. Another reason may be the wrong credit card number, name, expiry date or card security code.

Watch the below short video on ResBook tips for declined credit cards.


There was an issue on the guest's browser

If the guest either

  • closes the browser before the payment was made or
  • clicked on the back button on the screen in the browser

this might cause the payment to not be registered in ResBook correctly even when it's been processed correctly by the payment gateway, the funds being successfully transferred from the guest bank account to yours but the blance in the booking in ResBook remaining unchanged.

If a guest claims to have successfully paid, and you cannot see the payment against the booking in ResBook, check your bank account records and payment gateway so you can add the payment manually in the booking in ResBook if needed.