ResBook Minimum Stay Rules


Overlapping Minimum Stays

Overlapping Minimum Stay Policies are not advised, however if they do overlap, they will be applied in the following order...

First:        System-wide policies with the 'override' option set
Second:    Room-level policies
Third:       System-wide policies

Minimum Stay Policy Application

Minimum stay policies are applied to Guest Bookings and Agent bookings via your website calendar only.

They do not affect Agent bookings.

As the ResBook user can always override any policies when manually inserting a booking.

Bookings made on overlapping polices

If a guest books dates that covers two minimum stay periods, the first minimum stay policy will be applied.

For example: The guest books on the 15 November for 2 nights, the 2-night policy will apply first.

01 Nov 12 – 15 Nov 12    2 nights
16 Nov 12 – 31 Dec 12    3 nights

If a guest books dates that fit within a minimum stay policy, and they have booked the minimum number of nights specified, this booking will come through as an instant-confirmed booking.

If a guest makes a booking where some of their nights fall within a policy set to ‘Required’ and others do not the booking will come through as ‘On Request’.