Meta Tags for SEO Tips & Tricks

Meta-Tags (Search Engine Optimisation)


Meta Title: Tomahawk

Meta Description: Based in Auckland, Tomahawk provides digital marketing, website design and online booking systems for tourism businesses in New Zealand, Australia and ...


Meta Title: This is usually found in the “Meta data” section – make sure this provides a quick summation of the page content with your keywords. Keep it short – 60 characters or 3-4 words, and keep the keywords towards the start so people will see these in the search results.

Meta description: Also found in the “Meta data” section in your CMS, this should be a summary of the page, in about 320 characters. Search engines will display this in search results if it is relevant to the query someone has used – but not always - so make it readable, concise and include your chosen keyword.

How to:

  1. To add your meta-tags, log into the backend of your website
  2. Go into your 'pages' module (or the module you need to add the meta-tags to - e.g. you may like to add them to an accommodation listing, which would be within the accommodation module).
  3. Go into the page/property/blog post that you would like to add the meta-tags to
  4. Go across the tabs to the 'meta tags' tab
  5. Fill in the Title and Description (use lots of keywords!)

Since you're here anyway, if you have open-graph fields, fill these in too - this is what shows up if someone shares your URL on facebook or other social media websites.