How to create a photo gallery

  1. Login to your website CMS by using the Login and Password provided to you 
  2. When logged in, scroll the left sidebar until you see Photos
  3. Click on photo gallery
  4. You will see the list of existing photo galleries (if you have created any). 
  5. You can either click on an existing photo gallery to edit it or click "+ New" button to create a new Hero banner
  6. Inside of the editor you will land on the 'details' tab in here you will need to fill out: 
    • Name: This is to identify the photo gallery in the CMS backend (it is a good idea to name this: "page name banner" so it is easy to identify e.g. "homepage hero banner") 
    • Filter: By filling in this field, a filter appears on the gallery page only when the checkbox is selected 
  7. Once completing the 'details' tab, you can go into the 'Photos' tab, in here you will need to: 
    • Click 'add new photo' 
    • Select an image from your file manager by double-clicking on it
    • Fill in the fields only where required i.e. caption, alt text (this is a MUST), youtube ID (If you wish to have a video in your photo gallery), and select the order that you wish for an image to appear in by typing a number in the "order box" (if you leave this blank, the images will just appear in random order)
  8. Once completed, click save and remember to add the photo gallery to the necessary page.

Please also refer to our recording of "How to create a photo gallery" below: