How to change ResBook logins and passwords

How to change another ResBook staff user's login and password or your own ResBook password.


Change another user's login details

  1. Log into ResBook with the master admin login (the original one the ResBook account was created with)
  2. Go to Contacts
  3. Search for the user whose login details you want to change
  4. Open the contact by clicking on their name and click Edit
  5. Scroll down and click Update username and password
  6. Type in the new username and new password you'd like to assign the user and click save

Change your own user login details

  1. Log into ResBook with your own login details
  2. Go to Settings [the cog wheel gear icon ⚙] > System Settings > General Settings
  3. Click change password > type in your old and new passwords > click change passwords


Note that to change the master admin username you will need to contact ResBook's team via to request your new username.