How To Access Your Occupancy Summary Using ResBook

Reports - Occupancy Summary

ResBook has several Financial reports that you can generate within the platform. One of these reports is the Occupancy Report. Here you can display Occupancy Levels within a chosen date range.

To view the Occupancy report, go to 'ResBook > Reports > Financial Reports > Occupancy Summary'.

Once the Occupancy Summary report has opened, just simply adjust the dates to your choice to bring up the entries you want.

You will be able to view:

  • Room name
  • Total nights
  • Nights Occupied
  • Nights Unoccupied
  • % Occupied
  • % Unoccupied
  • Accommodation Revenue (ex. GST)
  • GST
  • Accommodation Total
  • Accommodation ADR (Average Daily Rate)
  • Total Revenue (ex. GST)
  • Total GST
  • Total Revenue
  • Total ADR
  • NZD 0 Nights

The above columns can be made hidden based on the preferences:

Click 'Show/Hide Columns' > Tick/Untick the columns > Only the ticked columns will be displayed and exported to the local machine

Booking taken in count:

  • Confirmed bookings
  • Physical stock units
  • Room nights within the date range

You can browse the report by Room name or Export the data into a csv file and adjust the reporting format to your liking. Once in Microsoft Excel, the report can be printed.

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