How Do I Create Add-Ons in ResBook?

ResBook doesn't just have the ability to include services in your bookings, but you can also create Add-Ons. Add-ons differ from services in the sense that add-ons allow for images to be added to them, and can be used to differentiate things like Breakfast, etc. from things like Airport Transfers.

To create Add-ons, simply go to:

ResBook > Settings  > Stock Configurations > Services > (Click on Service Name) > (Click on "Addon" Tab). (image1.0) 

If you click on the slider in the Type (named Service in the image 1.0) , then the selected service will then become an Add-on (image 1.1). A test link called Add/View Images will appear beside the button. This link will take you to the photo gallery for you to upload pictures of the Add-on. 

You can access these images from the Photo Gallery if you want to remove or change images.

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