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Deactivating The Connection With ResBook And ResOnline

ResOnline - Deactivating the connection with ResBook


When you ask Tomahawk to deactivate a property on Resonline, please be sure you deactivate this property in your ResBook- Resonline Settings.

Step 1: Log into ResBook > Resonline > Settings

Please see the image below:

Here is where you will see what you are linked to on ResBook and what is being fed through to Resonline.

As you can see below the image will show in the Red box what is connected and linked.

Please see image below:

When Resonline confirms with you that they have removed the property from their end, you will then need to Log into ResBook and untick the Property/Stock unit that is no longer connected to Resonline.

This will prevent ResBook getting errors because the connection is no longer available. If it is left ticked this could cause issues.

Please see the image below:

Once you have unticked the property/stock unit, please hit save and this will save the connection notifying Resonline that the connection is longer Active.

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