How to create highlights

  • Open your website CMS and go to General Highlights (under Advanced)
The highlights module sits on the homepage and displays your three points of difference. Just be aware that with highlights you are only limited to three highlights.
  • To create a new highlight you will click new and fill out the following:
    1. Fill in a CMS name, remember this is the name label only for the backend of the website. 
    2. Add your short description, which would be around 1-2 sentences, 
    3. Make sure to add an image from your file manager, by clicking “browse” and don’t forget to add the alternative text for the image which is just a few keywords of the image.
  • Once completed click save and remember to publish.

To change the wording of the heading of your highlights on the frontend go to settings in your hihlights module here:


You can also refer to our video on how to add highlights: