How to create A Virtual Stock Unit Or Room Type In ResBook

Virtual Stock Units are a great way of joining multiple rooms to create additional room combinations in a hotel, holiday home or lodge style set up.

This feature can also be used to create and sell packages that include a physical stock unit plus value-added extras in addition to existing inventory on offer. See examples below.

Virtual Stock Units allow you to block out multiple rooms when one of the Stock Units selected for the Virtual Unit is booked. For an example of this, refer to the image below:

To use this feature, simply follow these steps:

Under Settings > Stock Configurations, you can start by either:

  1. Clicking on an existing Stock Unit to convert it to a Virtual Unit
  2. Create a New Stock Unit.

Once you have either created your New Stock Unit, or clicked on a Pre-Existing Stock Unit, Follow these steps to create a Virtual Stock Unit:

  1. In Settings > Stock Configurations, click on your chosen Stock Unit.
  2. Click on the [Type] Button.
  3. Scroll down and find the "Physical and Virtual" setting, and select 'Virtual'.
  4. Tick all the the Physical Stock Units listed that will make up the Virtual Stock Unit
  5. Save the changes

Examples of a Virtual Stock Unit:

1. For multi-room linking

Room A and Room B, are both Physical Stock Units. They can be combined and sold as Villa C

Using the steps above, Villa C will be created as a Virtual Stock Unit.

Room A and B will be ticked as the Linked Physical Units

Now, booking Room A or B will block Villa C and vice versa. Booking Villa C will block Room A and B.

Note: Booking Room A will not block out Room B

2. For packages

Room A is a physical stock unit available to book

Package A is a virtual stock unit comprising of Room A plus some add ons

Booking either will make automatically book out the other one so that no further bookings are taken

To test, make a booking on either the Virtual or Physical Stock Unit and it should book the connected other Stock Unit out.

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