How to Add a Guest Contact in ResBook

ResBook defines Guests in the context of a customer staying at your accommodation. They represent the most common type of Contact used in ResBook.

To add a 'Guest' as a contact follow the steps outlined below: 

Step 1: Use the navigation menu across the top of the ResBook site and select [Contacts]. Then select [Create].


Step 2: Select [Guests] as the Contact Type at the top of the page.


Step 3a: Classify the 'Guest' as 'Private' or 'Corporate'. 

Step 3b: If a guest belongs to a Corporation, select the 'Corporate' option and click on the drop-down box. Click on 'Create a new company' to fill in more details.



Step 4: Enter the following details. All fields marked with * are compulsory. 
Step 5: If you have the Mailchimp module added to your system,  you can select the list options.


Step 6: An image of the guest can also be uploaded if required, click [Choose Files] and locate the image on your computer.


Step 7: Once all fields are filled in, click

[Create Contact].

The details will then be saved and displayed as seen below.
Completed Contact

Please note:
When adding a new address, you must ensure you have selected the correct country first. Then once you begin typing the address in 'Address (Line 1)' a drop-down list will appear with suggestions. After selecting the correct address the auto-complete feature will fill in the rest and save the contact automatically.

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