ResBook System Settings: General Settings

System Settings - General Settings

The General Settings page will allow you to adjust details about your accommodation. 

To access the 'General Settings', click on Settings (the gear icon), then select [System Settings], then find [General Settings].

Each General Setting has been outlined below:

General Setting Category Detail
Login A username that you have chosen when signing up for ResBook. It must be a minimum of 4 characters.
Password A button that allows you to change the password that you have been using to sign into ResBook.
Accommodation Name A field that refers to the name of your property
Host First Name(s)* Mandatory Field - Host First Name(s)
Host Last Name*  Mandatory Field - Host Last Name(s)
Send email alerts to this address The primary email address is listed for correspondence and notifications. 
ResBook Emails Select which Notifications by email you would like to receive from the ResBook System.
Send copy of all emails to Carbon Copy email of the above notifications.  
To make ResBook Active/Inactive. This will switch off access to all aspects of ResBook.

Note: All Channel/OTA's will still be actively taking bookings if still active.

Subscription Reminder A number of days a reminder email is sent before the listed subscription date.
Show Online Republic buttons on Booking Confirmation
Republic Buttons are functional on the Guest Booking Form and provide the ability to refer to 3rd party services.

At the moment, they are redundant.

Documentation on Republic Buttons:
Enable Multi-Special Allow your ResBook to manage Multiple Specials on a single Rate Package.
Always use default KLBC If the Accommodation is to use a single Key Lock Box Code (KLBC). This will override any Stock Unit KLBC with the below setting.
Default KLBC Accommodation Default Key Lock Box Code
Show KLBC field on the booking form Will display the Default KLBC on the Manual Booking Form underneath the Checkin/Checkout display.
Enable Multi-Virtual Linking Allow Virtual Stock units to link to Multiple Physical Stock Units 
Quote expiry days Related to the Quotes Module and the number of default days quotes are valid.
Enable Credit Card collection for quotes Provide a link on quotes to collect Credit Card Details.
Days to Owner Payment Links to Owner Statements on the default number of days after the end of a month when property owners are paid. 
Checkin Global Check-in setting.  This will provide limitations on GGuest and Agent Booking form will adhere to these rules.
Checkout Global Check-out setting. Limitations on the Guest and Agent Booking form will adhere to these rules.
Global SMS Email This email will be used as "From email" for sending SMS. Should be the same as the email set under the "Tools->Email to SMS/MMS" section in the Global SMS Account
Character limit for SMS SMS Message Module - Set size limit for messages sent 
Allow editing of base nightly rate Allow all staff members to modify the average nightly rate in bookings.
Apply Special rates when amending length of stay Enables Rate period specials to be active on your Web Booking Calendar 
Thanking Guest
Send the 'Thanking Guest' Email template that will be sent 2 days after the guest's departure. To access the 'Thanking Guest' email template click on Settings (the gear icon), then select [System Settings], then select [Email Templates], and scroll to find the template called 'Thanking Guest' and click [Edit].


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