System Settings

Website Integration Using ResBook

System Settings - Website Integration

Website Integration settings allow you to modify the ResBook website guest booking calendar and forms so you can customise your guest's booking experience. 

To access the 'Website Integration' page, click on Settings (the gear icon), then select [System Settings]  and find [Website Integration].  

This page will then appear: 


Calendar Version

Customise the look of the calendar by clicking on [Configure The Calendar].

Allow booking requests to the waitlist for booked rooms

This allows New Request bookings to be waitlisted for already booked rooms. 
Side Increment

A minimum of 6 days will be shown on the calendar + 3 days thereafter at a default. This setting allows you to increase the number of days, provided that your iFrame calendar can fit on your webpage.

Show Terms and Conditions checkbox on Calendar

This will show an "Accept Terms and Conditions" checkbox at the bottom of the calendar that a guest must tick before proceeding to the booking forms.

Terms and Conditions Link

If you select 'Yes' on the Terms and Conditions checkbox, please provide your website link with these terms and conditions.
Booking Form Notes
These notes are included in the Booking and Payment Policy of the ResBook Calendar and will be placed at top of the popup in bold lettering.

Show System Generated Payment Policies on Guest Calendar

Check 'Yes' if you want Payment Policies to appear on the Booking Calendar.


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