Sending Your ResBook Zaps To Apps

Sending Your ResBook Zaps To Apps


Now that you have connected ResBook to Zapier, you need to connect an Action App to send your Zaps to. There are several apps that you can choose from including GMail, MailChimp and GitHub just to name a few. 

NOTE: For this example, we will be using Google Calendar.

After clicking 'Continue' from the last step, you will need to select an Action App. This process is exactly the same as choosing a Trigger App. If you already have chosen one in the past, it will be listed automatically. If this is the first time you are selecting an app, search for it in the search bar and connect you account to Zapier. 

Once you have selected the Action App, you need to choose your action. There are two options here; 'New Detailed Event' and 'Quick Add Event'. YOU MUST CHOOSE 'NEW DETAILED EVENT'.

If you create a 'Quick Add Event', then you will send out a basic zap and this will not have any details attached to it. 

Click on 'New Detailed Event', and then click on 'Continue'. 

You will then select the account you have attached. This account does not need to be the customers account as you can choose who to send the Zap to in the Template stage. Once you have chosen the account, click on 'Save + Continue'. 

Following on from this, you now have to fill out all the details of your zap. There are 3 required fields that you have to fill out; Calendar, Start Date & Time, and End Date & Time. The Calendar needs to be one that you have access to, however you have the ability to send the event to your guest by using the Attendee category. We further recommend that you fill out the Summary, Description and set Force All Day Event to Yes. You will find these fields through out the page.

After filling out all the fields you need, click on 'Continue' listed at the bottom of the page. You will then be brought to the 'Test (Insert App Here)' screen. Here you will be able to review your zap before sending it out to the app of your choice. 

Once you have reviewed and you are happy with the results, click 'Continue'. On the next page, click on 'Finish' to complete the process of creating your Zap. All you have to do now is name your Zap and turn it on, and you will have created your Zap. 

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