ResBook Airbnb - deactivate the connection

Airbnb - Deactivate the connection


If you would like to deactivate the ResBook - Airbnb connection you will need to:

1. Unsync the properties in Airbnb > Host Menu > 

1. Go to Listings and perform the below steps:

2. Check desired listing(s)

3. Click 'edit selected'

4. Right model should pop-up and Scroll to 'Sync settings'

5. Click 'Disconnect'

6. Save Changes

Note: Your listing will remain active on Airbnb, but won’t update from your connected app anymore. This change cannot be reversed on Airbnb. To sync your listing going forward, you must reactivate the API connection from your app. 


2. Remove ResBook access to Airbnb account in Airbnb > accounts > Privacy & sharing > Connected apps > ResBook app permission > Remove access

3. Decide on what to do with the leftover listing in Airbnb: Once the listing has been un-synced, a leftover listing will still be bookable and editable in Airbnb. Please ensure to unlist/deactivate/snooze this listing if you no longer want to advertise on Airbnb.

4. Turn off the module in ResBook > Settings > Portals > Airbnb > Active > Click on the slider to turn it off > 

5. Contact ResBook to adjust your subscription at [email protected]  

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