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Itinerary E-mails

ResBook can now exclusively allow you to send an Itinerary form to your clients. The Itinerary form will need to be set up as an e-mail template.

Setting up E-mail Itinerary

Log into ResBook > Settings > E-mail Settings: Scroll down to the bottom to find the Itinerary form > Click [edit].

Populate your e-mail template with your message and subject line.

The Booking summary tag has been purposefully amended to reflect the summary of the Itinerary form:

To understand how to set up your e-mail templates, visit Setting up e-mail templates.

Click on the [PREVIEW] button to view an example of your Itinerary form. Ensure you enable pop-ups for the browser to display the window:

Updating Photos to Itinerary Form

Go to Settings > Photo Gallery > Room > Select the unit you want to add images to > Click on Browse:

Click on Browse to upload an image from your computer. Ensure that the image is no larger than 1200px in height and width.

Each Accommodation/Activity can have a primary image assigned. This primary image will appear in the Itinerary form as soon as you check the box.

Adding Stock Unit Description

Go to Settings > Stock Configurations > Stock Units > Select the Stock unit:

Ensure that the Stock unit description is filled in and [SAVE] the changes once you are done:

How the Itinerary Form Works

The Itinerary form follows a chronological date order when a booking is assigned to the appropriate Accommodation (shown first) before Activities with dates:

Each stock unit displayed on the Itinerary will have:

    • The primary image on the left
    • Title of Stock Unit on the right
    • Followed by the Stock Unit description
    • Pick Up/Drop off information will be shown below the description.

You can change the image of your Itinerary form - more information here.

Entering a Booking

Since an Accommodation + Activity scenario is the most complex, this document demonstrates the example of making a booking right through to sending out the Itinerary.

Follow the steps below to ensure all information gets added to the Itinerary correctly.

Step 1: Make a booking and Add the Activity

This goes without saying that ResBook has your Accommodation and Activities created as a stock unit and your Activities are bookable by night.

If a customer is staying for x nights, make sure you add the booking x +1 nights.

Example: Booking will be made for the Client staying for 2 nights (7-8 August) and they will be departing on the 9th August.

    • Enter in the booking into ResBook and make sure that you extend the date with one more night. In this case it is 3 nights instead of 2.
    • Save the Booking.
    • Once the booking is created, go to [Rooms] and assign the Activity stock unit in the dropdown box.
    • The day of checkout should be marked as an activity and ensure that no room is assigned to it.

Click [MOVE] once you are done.

Note: In order to display the Returning transfer details, every booking will need to incur an extra night to which the ResBook user must to an Activity stock unit. Hence the steps indicated above.

Step 2: Assign Pick Up/Drop off Information to the Booking

Go to the Services tab and add the service to the Booking. A pop-up will appear for you to fill in the details.

Make sure all is filled and that the Return Date and Time is set to the checkout day which is connected to the Activity stock unit.

Click on [ADD SERVICE].

Step 3: Generate the Itinerary E-mail

Go to the Booking edit screen, click on [SEND EMAIL], and select [Itinerary]:

All information should be displayed in the Itinerary e-mail, ready to be sent to the customers.

Important Notes


The following rules apply in order to show these Services on the Itinerary form:

    • Under Accommodation, the Date/Time or Date and Time will show up when that Service is added to the booking. Refer to the previous document sent.
    • Under Activities, all Services will be added to the Itinerary if the ‘Additional fields’ are enabled within the Services Settings section:

Example – Lunch Service

The ‘Additional information’ asks for dietary requirements:

See screenshot above - ensure that all Additional information fields entered are not made a ‘requirement’. Leave the ‘Required’ box untouched.


As stated above, unless your Activities are created as a stock unit and can be bookable by nights, are you only able to properly display the Itinerary with dates.

If no image is selected or ‘ticked’ in the Photo Gallery, that image will not appear in the Itinerary form.

Services must be correctly set up in the ‘Services’ module and it must be assigned to the rate periods.

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