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Airbnb Connection Guide Part 3: Finalize the connection and publish the listing


In Airbnb (Steps 7 - 9)

Finalize the connection and publish the listing

As soon as your listings have been approved, you will receive an email from Airbnb prompting you to log in to Airbnb to review and publish your listings. Do not publish the listings yet!

Step 7) Merge Listings  and choose Sync type

Go to the URL to merge and publish the listing. If you have existing Airbnb listings, please note it is normal to see duplicate listings appearing. You will have an existing listing on the left-hand side of the page and from the right side list, you will need to choose the listing being pushed from ResBook.

Once this is done, click on the button to merge both the listings and once done, the process is completed.

A (for Existing hosts with reviews and bookings)

Note: ResBook will only update rates, minimum stays, and availability; content including descriptions, photos needs to be edited in Airbnb. Please make sure to select the existing Airbnb listing in the dropdown box you want to merge the newly created ResBook listing to, otherwise if you don' t it will create a completely new listing. This is also necessary to keep the existing reviews and booking history.

B (for New hosts)

In Airbnb, go to > Airbnb Listing > Select New listing > Sync settings >  "Everything" (recommended to existing hosts with reviews and bookings). You can find more information on the difference in this article.

(ResBook will manage all minimum requirements via ResBook including rates, availability, description, photos, etc)

Step 9) Publish the listing

Click Publish. Follow the same process for any remaining listings. Upon publishing your listing, it will begin appearing in search results on and will be bookable by guests. Please ensure to review your Airbnb listing after publishing.

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