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Access Your Calendar Settings Using ResBook

System Settings - Calendar Settings


Calendar Settings allow you to modify the look of the ResBook Calendar.  Changing booking type colours, Default days displayed on Calendar and room/property display order. 

To access 'Calendar Settings' in ResBook, click on Settings (the gear icon), then select [System Settings], then find [Calendar Settings].  

This page will then appear: 


Each calendar settings has been outlined below:

Sort rooms on calendars by:

This setting allows you to decide how you want your bookings to be displayed, based on different categories:

You can also choose whether you want the bookings to be Ascending or Descending (will not work with Customized order):

Load calendar from date

This setting allows you to choose where you want the calendar to load from:



Display new calendar

This setting allows you to change to the new calendar by selecting [Yes], or change to the old calendar by selecting [No].


Default home page view

This setting allows you to choose what you want the default page view to be when you login into ResBook for the first time.


Customize days to load on the calendar

This setting allows you to decide how many days you want the calendar to load. All you need to do is turn the default button next to the number of days you wish to view when opening the calendar for the first time.



Colour display

This setting allows you to choose the colours of the booking status by clicking the paint bucket image next to the status you want to change.


Once the settings have been set to your liking click [SAVE SETTINGS]. And the changes you have made should then appear when you go back to the calendar page. If you want to return to the original settings, select [USE DEFAULTS].


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